Speed, take, action

Narrative structure, film language, communicating ideas and rigor are just some of the key components that bear on the process of filmmaking. As the technology becomes affordable and quality superior the key essence of story telling becomes even more important. This course is a gateway into understanding and participating in the creation and delivery of narrative stories through the medium of film. The combination of visual style and acoustic design are practiced with the aim of allowing students to find confidence and maturity in the subject area.

Other areas the course explores are team work, the discipline of structure and most importantly the source and process for inspiration, these areas are explored by allowing students the space to make mistakes and learn. It is only as a team that a film project can become a reality and the dynamics of teams and ideas generations allows students to cross experiences with each other on the course. At the same time there is guidance and encouragement from an experienced course team. The course aims to be mature and relevant in the flux of what is modern film making.

All students are able to explore ideas and take a work in the direction that they have chosen to.