Course Outline

Filmmaking has been going through a renaissance since the recent introduction of more accessible technologies. The paradigm is shifting even more from big studio productions to smaller productions, smaller team productions to personal works. The structure of this course is designed to allow students access and an understanding for how to leverage a production to take advantage of their own ambitions. This course is run for 6 days over two weeks during the summer giving students space to learn the principles of film making as well as focusing on developing their own ideas.

The ambition of the course is to give maximum opportunities for students to realise their potentials, both the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking. And ultimately to give students independence for future projects, thanks to a well-established course.

Day one
Narrative structures and ideas with a view to developing these collaboratively to base a film around.

Day two
The nuts are bolts, we explore live action film with a study of production planning, working with actors, understanding equipment, their advantages and limitations. Concluding with further refinement of ideas, storyboarding and production considerations.

Day three
A comprehensive day through a technical and practical workshop covering lighting, camera technologies, cinematography, crews and pre-production.

Day four
A very long, typical day of shooting the film which will reflect the students vision. As well filming, students are immersed in the various roles of a film crew,  ranging from Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Director of Photography, Sound, Grip, Runner etc. We start very early in the day and try and finish in the evening.

Day five
Workshop on Final Cut Pro and editing principles, followed by a screening of rushes. Both tutors provide a hands on approach to getting over the steep learning curve of the non-liner editing systems used. This day also includes a workshop on sound design and production.

Day six
Finalisation of editing films, grading and final mix, creating and applying credits and titles. The day also includes a discussion on distribution and an introduction to the various channels for getting your film shown or for funding to develop further projects. Finally we have a celebration with a screening of the various films produced.